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We updated our Female Friendly Porn section with titles from the British film company Film Erotica. This London based studio shoots a lot on nice locations like Cornwall, Chamonix, Tuscany and Provence. Their titles are very couples-friendly with storylines, attractive people, heterosexual couples, lesbians and groups. Female friendly but very explicit and certainly arousing to men as well.

The French Trip

Their newest release is The French Trip, which tells the story of young Tiffany, who refuses to accept that her relationship with boyfriend Seb is over. She leaves Paris and follows him to Chamonix, Mont Blanc for the ski season. Having found a job in a trendy bar, Tiffany spends all her free time secretly watching her ex have sex with all the chalet girls. Eventually he catches her and she gets another taste of Seb's hard cock, but also learns to enjoy a little pussy too!

The French Trip is filmed on location and is a another great quality production with some fine looking couples! Filmed on the same shoot as Peak Experience, this is a fine companion dvd, with entirely different scenes to Peak Experience.

Petra Joy

We also added some new titles of female filmmaker Petra Joy. Petra is an award-winning feminist director, film producer, TV producer, distributor, author, and photographer. Along with Candida Royalle, Annie Sprinkle, Maria Beatty, and others, she is one of the pioneers of the movement to make pornography for women. Her genre is described as "art-core," meaning the focus is on sexuality from the female perspective, female pleasure, and creative, sensual play. Common themes in her erotic films include safe sex, men seen as sexual objects, female fantasies, and male bisexuality.
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