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(Item no.: SMZT207)
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Real women have curves! Grab their love handles, pull their greasy hair, shove their fat face in the pillow, and tell 'em Dominoes is on the way! For all you chubby chasers and heavy hitters, we present big clits, fat tits, big hips, and fat lips! These scale-bustin’ sluts are sex-starved and hungry for some skinny dude cock! They're a ton of fun and in desperate need of some cardio - give them a workout they'll never forget and punish their meaty moist pussies ‘til they sweat!

Bang these fat fucks 'til they stop eating and start feeding on your sausage instead! Enjoy the finest fat twat ever lensed--It's more cushion for the pushin'!

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Play time
: 146 minuten
: David Perry, Lucy Love, Jenny, Bruno Sx, Laura, Roly Reeves, Lucky, Mike Foster, Jean-Yves LeCastel, Vanessa Lee, Toni, Kirstyn
: Zero Tolerance
Sex Sex




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€ 11,95
€ 7,95
Price per DVD
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