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(Item no.: YCDVD13517)
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Nella and Lisa have agreed to spend some time alone. Lisa needs to reassess her life, but can she stay faithful as she lays awake at night, her body aching for the warmth of her young lover, her soul craving the taste of her fresh scent, and her mind speculating as to who she is with.

Nella is still getting the years of monogamy out of her system, going from one short-lived affair to the next. But when she seeks help from a subverted doctor who likes cocaine and hard sex she falls deeper than shes ever been before.

Can these two lovers find a way to make it work, or is it now simply too late?

Once again the Unfaithful series delivers genuine but fully-explicit lesbian sex. Erotica at the highest level. 

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Play time
: 161 minuten
: Lisa, Nella, Peaches, Aletta, Jane, Zara
: Viv Thomas
Sex Sex


Video(s): Unfaithful #4


€ 24,95
€ 19,95
Price per DVD
Quantity: Order
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