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Heidi #1 - DVD

(item no.: YCDVD15456)

€ 26,50

Price DVD

In a small village in the Bavarian mountains lives Heidi, good sheltered by her grandfather.

Once upon a day her aunt Grete comes from Munich, to let her experience a better education. But Heidi is happy where she lives, with her boyfriend, the "Goat-Willy" in the beautiful Bavarian mountains. Frisky and frivolous the mood is in this village. The servant shows the maidservant, where he wants to shove his dick in...and even the postman not only knows how to lick on postage stamps.

But Heidi's aunt and her grandfather discuss do send Heidi to town. Of course, in the beginning she won't leave her beloved mountains, but finally she goes for her trip to the big town.

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Type : DVD
Playtime : 81 minuten
Actors : Diversen
Producer : Herzog
Sex Sex : ON


€ 26,50 Price DVD

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