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(Item no.: ERAS05) Anna's Mates 5 2
 € 24,50
€ 19,50
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Are you bored of same old porn? If you want the reality of amateur with the beauty of glamour shoots, then let Britain's first female porn director, ANNA SPAN take you by the hand through London and show you the real sex lives of 10 of her friends. Young, beautiful and eager, they go at it hammer and tongs all over London. Anna shows you it all, hard action from a female perspective and she shows you their personalities and the five different funny stories that got them there...

Sexy people, attractive but could live next door. There's humour, sex...what more can you ask for. And the woman who plays Jill is absolutely gorgeous!

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Play time
: 115 minuten
: Angie George, Chelsea Johnson, Lee Henshaw, Lucy Law, Neil Bow, Jo, Karina Clarke, Steve Hooper, Tony de Sergio, Jamie
: Anna Span
Sex Sex




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€ 24,50
€ 19,50
Price per DVD
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Bea -
Een goede film met leuke verhaaltjes.
Els -
Inderdaad een leuke film. Niet direct neuken, maar een beetje aanloop naar de daad toe. Met knappe mensen die je eigenlijk gewoon op straat tegen kunt komen. Geen overdreven gehijg en te veel verschillende standjes.

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