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(Item no.: YCDVD14495)
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Beautifully filmed in London on High Definition, this delightful, six scene movie is made with intention of arousing both men and women, making it an excellent choice for one to watch as a couple. It's about three distinct women, their real world and their imagination...

Sarah, the hard-nosed businesswoman, plays men like a chess game. In her fantasy however, she meets her match and surrenders the reins to a feisty girl who she meets in a nightclub.

When bohemian Jess finishes her Sunday morning love making with hubby Al, her lewd thoughts of interacting with a stranger, extends far beyond the acceptable realms of married life.

Bourgeois Becky, an aspiring actress, dutifully adheres to her controlling boyfriend. But on opening night she enjoys lust filled thoughts of her delicious male counterpart.

Includes: good-looking/gorgeous couples, autoeroticism in the back of a black cab, passionate sex, shaved/trimmed pubes, stockings/suspenders, mature couple (35+), sensual love-making, some tattoos, standing sex, deep-snogging, dildo, face sitting, one superb lesbian scene, cum in mouth/face/neck.

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Play time
: 95 minuten
: Jess, Becky, Sarah, Dianne, Ian Tate e.a.
: JoyBear Pictures
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€ 25,95
Price per DVD
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