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(Item no.: marokkaanseslet)
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A Dutch language movie from Charisma Gold Entertainment. Meet Jamila, the new Moroccan porn star of the Netherlands !!!

During her first interview she allows things to happen that she'd never before done with another woman. Jamila wants to know about being an porn star and discusses the proposal.

On her next visit, Jamila rapidly becomes an anal addict. She proves to be a real Moroccan slut when she swallows seed greedily. Here is a lengthy hard core film of Jamila in the making...

Jamila must go to the unenployment office to apply for benefit. The civil servant is already busy having his lunch. He wants help during his break and you can imagine the sort of "help" he gets…

Jamila attracts the attention of a man, who follows her through the woods. When she tries to escape him he grabs her and screws her, puts his rock-hard cock into her mouth and he fills her face with cum. (He 'forces' sex with her, but she reallly wants it!)

Jamila is taken in her tight bottom on the toilet! And in between fucks she takes him in her mouth to make him clean! Did you know that Jamila can squirt herself? You see it in this film!

Jamila invites you to her bedroom full horny sex toys. Especially for you she shows what she does with them and which she uses in her favourite game !

The offical website of Jamila

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Play time
: 2 uur, 6 minuten
: Jamila, Charisma Gold e.a.
Sex Sex




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€ 29,95
€ 24,95
Price per DVD


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