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(Item no.: YCDVD23786)
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In this second volume of The Storefront Theatre Collection, we visit Pittsburgh to spend an eerie night at the Bizarre Art Theatre, for 12 of the weirdest, wildest and most unsettling films ever spooled through a 16mm projector.

Witnesses a sex-crazed scientist unleash his pent up desires in Dr. Sexual and Mr. Hyde! See Satan send his sons to earth to collect beautiful women for devilish orgies in Hotter Than Hell! Stare in terror as a masked killer murders nubile starlets in Come Deadlly!

Explore the agony of the shocking sex rituals performed by the Rites of Uranus! Shiver in fear as a group of unsuspecting friends enter the House of De Sade! Gasp in suspense as a knife-wielding killer preys on an all girls boarding school Mania!

These films, plus 6 more tales of ghosts, goblins, fiendish killers, and even Bigfoot, are all here to scare your pants off, and plunge you into a cinematic bacchanal straight from hell!

If you enjoyed volume #1 of Vinegar Syndrome’s Storefront Theater Collection, volume #2 is just as great!

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Play time
: 12 Hours 20 Minutes
: Vanessa del Rio, Andrea True, Helen Madigan, Lynn Holmes, Joey Silvera, Eric Edwards, Judy Angel, Judy Travers, Suzanne Fields, Annette Michael, Crystal Sync, Paula Morton, Maggie Williams, Cindy Johnson, Nina Fause, Misty, Vivian Parks, Kandi Johnson, Fanny Fiddler, Lotta Goodbody, Ron Darby, John McGaughtery and more...
: Video-X-Pix
Sex Sex


Video(s): Debbie Does Dallas - DVD


€ 42,00
Price per DVD
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