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Stunningly restored from 35mm negatives, and presented in wide screen for the first time on home video; Richard Kanter’s (AKA Ramsey Karson) beloved 1978 classic Sensual Encounters of Every Kind comes to life as never before — thanks to Vinegar Syndrome’s tireless efforts.

An ancient magical amulet grants the owner his or her ultimate sexual fantasy. However, the owner may only use the talisman once before it must be passed on to someone new, keeping the magic alive throughout the ages.

Includes a new audio interview with X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame actor, Jon Martin.

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Play time
: 1 Hour 16 Minutes
: Monique Cardin, Dorothy LeMay, Georgina Spelvin, Serena, Leslie Bovee, Samantha, Laurien Dominique, John Leslie, Cris Cassidy, Richard Pacheco, Turk Lyon, Jon Martin, Mike Ranger, Mack Howard, Rick Lutz.
: Video-X-Pix
Sex Sex


Video(s): Debbie Does Dallas - DVD


€ 35,95
Price per DVD
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