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This is a light-hearted, clever and fun story, based on the Marquis de Sade's 'Justine' and inspired by 'The wizard of Oz'. With a powerhouse cast that combines established mega-stars of the 70's with some of the up-and-coming starlets of the 80's.

Angel looks amazing. She does a wonderful job playing Betty, and Ginger Lynn; what can we say? She is a true 80's superstar in fine form. Plus with Harry Reems, as the undertaker, and Jamie Gillis, as the sex maniac, really great performances all round

The film follows Betty. Betty is a good Catholic schoolgirl, who attends the local convent to study her scriptures. It is the day before the school's final exam. However, no matter how much she studies, she is hung up on a single word that appears several times throughout the writings. That word is 'begat'.

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Play time
: 2 Hours 06 mins
: Combined cast stars: Paul Thomas, Tracey Adams, Eric Edwards, Samantha Fox, Arcadia Lake, Robin Byrd, Crystal Day, Jack Teague, Diane Sloan, Marcia Minor.
: Video-X-Pix
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Video(s): Debbie Does Dallas - DVD


€ 36,95
Price per DVD
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