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Here, restored from 35mm in 2K resolution, Babyface is presented in the anamorphic wide screen aspect ratio of 1.78:1 on both the Blu-ray and the DVD. On the Blu-ray, the film is presented in 1080p and on the DVD the film is presented in 480p

A show with an all-star cast of cover-girls, centrefolds and sporting champions, plus a really great storyline. Alex de Renzy's Babyface is a worthy award winner.

One of the best of the classics which has been top of the list of favourites for porn fans for over four decades.

Innocent, and on the run, gargantuan seven-foot Dan holes up in a male brothel. The other inmates of the establishment are eager to tell him what to expect and warn him of the universally feared 'Nutcracker'.

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Play time
: 1 hour 46 minutes
: Amber Hunt, Linda Wong, Lynn Cuddles Malone, Dan Roberts, Joey Silvera, Angela Haze, Marion Eaton, Blair Harris, Kristine Heller, John Leslie, Sandi Pinney, Paul Thomas, Desiree West, Otis Sistrunk, Turk Lyon, Ken Scudder.
: Video-X-Pix
Sex Sex


Video(s): Debbie Does Dallas - DVD


€ 39,95
Price per DVD
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